The Ultimate Square
M.I.P. - My Insane Project: The FF3 Retranslation Project

M.I.P. is my way of fixing the nightmare translation that Woolsey did for FF6. I hope you enjoy
it and make use of it well.
NOTE: MIP is officially closed due to my efforts to translate FF6j; I may release MIP 2.56 after I
finish EoF, with the FF6j script inserted, but I also might not.
UPDATE: 2.00 is complete. Time for a break from MIP...

* Script - 100% (Complete)
* Character Names - 100% (Complete)
* Items - 100% (Complete)
* Spells - 100% (Complete)
* Phantom Beasts - 100% (Complete)
* Monsters - 100% (Complete)
* Menus - 100% (Complete)

Notice anything different?Look who's name has been fixed!
No more "Phantoms" or "Espers".Items have changed a lot!
Every city has an extended title like this.Notice anything different in this picture?

.IPS file Version 2.00a
.IPS file Version 2.00
.IPS file Version 1.92
.IPS file Version 1.76
.IPS file Version 1.68 (not really) *final*
.IPS file Version 1.60
.IPS file Version 1.52
.IPS file Version 1.44
.IPS file Version 1.28
.IPS file Version 1.24
.IPS file Version 1.20
.IPS file Version 1.11
.IPS file Version 1.10
.IPS file Version 1.00

SNESTool: An exellent tool for applying .IPS patches

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